Rank NameFeaturesPrice (in ❆s)
Warm Water1 homeset, WarmWater kit, TPA0 (given at join)
Water2 homesets, Water kit, Recipe, Disposal, Compass500
Cold Water3 homesets, ColdWater kit, Workbench, Sign colouring and formatting, Carto. Table, Hat, Loom1,500
Snow4 homesets, Snow kit, Grindstone, Stonecutter, Skull4,500
Ice5 homesets, Ice Kit, Feed13,500
Icecube6 homesets, Icecube kit, Anvil, Itemlore40,500
Fridge7 homesets, Fridge kit, Repair, ItemRename121,500
Freezer8 homesets, Freezer kit, Heal364,500
Iceberg9 homesets, Iceberg kit, Enderchest1,093,500
Penguin10 homesets, Penguin kit, Fly3,280,500
Polar Bear12 homesets, PolarBear kit9,841,500
In Game Ranks
Rank NameFeaturesPrice (in USD)
SlushAll cosmetic suits, ability to display items, inventory, and enderchest in chat, ability to use coloured and formatted chat, 4 homesets, [Slush] prefix4.99
HailPerks of previous rank, all particle effects, access to /nick, 6 homesets, [Hail] prefix9.99
SnowsquallPerks of previous ranks, all morphs, 8 homesets, [Snowsquall] prefix14.99
YukimarimoPerks of previous ranks, all mounts, 12 homesets, [Yukimarimo] prefix24.99
Donator Ranks

NOTE: Upgrading from one donator rank to another is discounted depending on what rank you already own. For example, if you already own Slush, you get a $4.99 USD discount automatically applied to a higher tier donator rank.