The Monthly Update – July 4th to July 31st, 2021

We’re starting a new post series called “The Monthly Update”. These posts will combine all of the updates to the server done in the past month in a easily accessible format!

July 5th — Quality of Life Improvements

  • ClearLag will no longer remove items if your death occurred recently.

July 6th — Gameplay Tweaks

  • The initial starting claim blocks have been raised from 100 blocks to 250 blocks.
  • /back is now available to players for teleportation to your last known death location or teleport location.
  • Added a #server-boost-notifs text channel to the Discord for notifications on when a player buys boosts. Players can opt-in in the #server-boosts-opt-in text channel.

July 9th — Economy Update Part I

  • Added interest to ❆s and EXP deposited into the bank. The interest is set at 0.5% every 30 minutes of online time.
  • Valuables prices in the item shop have been changed. All valuables have doubled in price and value. Copper has been added to the item shop.
  • Mob drops have been added to the item shop.
  • A #screenshots text channel has been added to the Discord for easy Snowfall screenshot sharing.

July 11th — 1.17.1

  • Minecraft server has been updated to 1.17.1.

July 13th — Quests!

  • Quests have been added to the server. These quests consist of basic tasks, such as harvesting 40 wheat. To access quests, use /quests list. To see which quests you are currently participating in, use /quests journal. Players who joined during the first week have an exclusive quest.
  • Added Deepslate and Cobbled Deepslate to the item shop.
  • Added EXP Bottles to the Valuables Crate and Summer Crate as a new reward.
  • Added Mob stacking to reduce lag.
  • Added an animated scoreboard to display important information and tips to players. Players can toggle the scoreboard with /asb toggle.

July 15th — Economy Update Part II

  • Jobs have their payout increased by 4x. The maximum jobs you can join has been increased from 3 to 5 jobs.
  • The item shop has had major item price changes.
    • Valuables have been increased to 2x, except for coal and redstone only increasing ❆0.10.
    • Blocks have been increased by 2x in price.
    • Mob drops have been increased by 4x in price.
    • Food has been increased by 4x in price.
    • Farming has been increased by 4x in price.
  • Quest rewards have been adjusted in conjunction with item shop price changes.
  • In-game rank prices have been adjusted to be cheaper than launch prices.
  • Homesets have also been increased with some ranks. Donors also get more homesets, which have been increased as well.
  • Player’s money was doubled upon request for a week after this announcement went live.

July 20th — Reward System, Referrals

  • Added a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reward system viewable with /rewards. Log in to receive these rewards and keep your streak going to earn even more special rewards! Rewards for the weekly and monthly streaks will be changed on a monthly basis. This reward system will be available until August 31st, 2021.
  • Added referral bonuses. Refer a player with /ref <player> to get bonuses! The referrers will receive 5 diamonds, ❆500, and 5 seasonal keys. The referred will receive 10 diamonds, ❆1000, and 5 seasonal keys to help them get started on the server.
  • Added chat games to play in Minecraft chat. Winning a chat game gives the player a Vote Key.
  • Vote rewards have been upgraded to scale with the economy update and to encourage players to help us gain more attention through vote sites. You will now receive ❆50, 1 vote key, and 5 experience bottles.

July 21st — New Logo

  • Added New Logo, as shown at the top of this article, the Discord server icon, and the Minecraft server icon. This icon was made courtesy of stipebno.
  • Player shops have also been fixed, as some players could not build in their player shop.

July 28th — New Item Shop Items

  • New items have been added to the server shop, specifically: iron nugget, gold nugget, iron block, gold block, redstone block, pumpkin pie, cake, cookie, raw cod, cooked cod, raw salmon, cooked salmon, name tag, arrow, flint, gravel, stone, andesite, granite, and diorite
  • The world border has been expanded to 4000 blocks in radius to help with spacing between player bases.
  • Added /bank top [money, exp] to view the top bank balances, similar to /baltop.

July 31st — Build Contest, Crate Changes

  • We’re launching a community build contest for everyone to participate in! Players will have a 30x30x30 area to build in at /warp buildcontest. Ask a staff member if you’re interested in claiming a plot. The rewards are as follows:
    • 1st place: Snowsquall rank
    • 2nd place: Hail rank
    • 3rd place: Slush rank
  • Items added to Valuables and Food Crate: Gold Block, Iron Block, Diamond Block, Netherite Block, Coal Block, Trident, Beacon, Wither Skeleton Skull, Cat, Chicken, Axolotl, Villager, Rabbit, Sheep, Polar bear, Parrot, Pig, Cow, Fox, Goat, Mooshroom, and Panda Spawn Egg, ❆10 increased to ❆100, ❆25 increased to ❆250, Reduced food rewards win rate from 50% to 35%
  • Items added to Summer Crate: Elytra
  • Added playtime checker. Players now have access to /playtime, /playtimetop, and /playtime <player>.
  • Mob stacker reduces effectiveness for enchantments and mcMMO skills, such as Sweeping Edge. To accommodate for this, we have changed the death of stacked mobs to a random amount of 1 to 4 mobs dying in a stack when killed.

Thank you for reading! We’ll be experimenting with the formatting of this series in the future. Have a great day and thank you for playing on Snowfall!