ANNOUNCEMENT: Launch details and dates

Hello Snowflakes! We are planning to launch the server to the public on Sunday, July 4th, 2021. During the wait of Caves and Cliffs Part II (launching in late 2021 as of Jul 3, 2021), everyone who joins is able to claim a Beta Tester rank on the Minecraft server and Discord server! To claim the Beta Tester rank on the Minecraft server, type /claimbt in chat. To claim on the Discord server, join the Discord and it will be applied automatically!

Snowfall is a 1.17 survival server with an economy and in game ranks. Our server is completely free to play with EULA compliant donation options to help support the server. Snowfall offers an economy for our players to further enjoy gameplay. Earn money through jobs (with the help of McMMO), the server shop, and player markets. In game money can also buy in game items, special tools, or in game ranks with special perks. Future updates for the server to update gameplay will happen based on player and community suggestions. The server will adapt to player likes and dislikes to create a server that the community enjoys! Current future updates include: Quests!

We have a 50% promo code available during the launch week from July 4th midnight to July 10th 11:59pm. The code is BETALAUNCH.